i got banned on miniclip

today this person called high-tech was talking bad things to me
becuz i didnt believe someone saw a yellow puffle without proof.
he used bad words , and i used the same words he used against him.
i get perma-banned , he doesnt even get a rule violation.
thats how miniclip works.
edit: someone ip banned me this time but its ok ill fix it.


~ by fanocp on October 30, 2007.

31 Responses to “i got banned on miniclip”

  1. GOSHDARNIT!!! You gotta tell rsnail/ Billybob that is if you accually see them in real life…do you??? šŸ˜•

    fano: no they dont have anything to do with the miniclip forum.
    its just butt kissers like him get away with stuff , who actually cause the flame war and start it.
    while i who just defend myself , while not doing anything wrong get banned.

  2. The person who runs the forums probably hates you… that’s why i wouldn’t go on miniclip forums and i wouldn’t be that angry. And how could he tell Billybob when he has nothiong to do with MINICLIP šŸ˜†

  3. i know how you feel

  4. i know. that sux.
    i just started miniclip and i have 3 infractions already.
    btw, y r u so popular? wats ur miniclip name?

    fano: my miniclip name is fanocp , but someone removed my perma ban

  5. Go to my site for proof! Look at the banner! I saw one today!

    fano: whats ur site?

  6. you had one???!! Maybe… I’ll give you mine!

    fano: thanks but thats ok , i got plenty more lol

  7. fano, how did you draw your header, is it paint? because it is AWESOME!!!!!!!! šŸ˜€

    fano: thanks , well u just open paint and start drawing lol.
    it took me 17 hours šŸ˜›

  8. just curious. What where your other 4 infractions for?

    fano: one for a spam comment , one for putting my wordpress link inside a picture i posted at art.
    one for calling a moderator ugly who gave me a warning when i tried to help
    and last i got for posting a screenshot of a penguin with a inappropiate name
    so people could report them. but they changed everything

  9. how am i sure ur the real fano
    give us a pic

    fano: u can visit my party saturday šŸ˜€

  10. 17 hours???? :0

  11. Dear Fano,
    How did you become a Beta Tester??? Please tell me!!!!!

    fano: the people that were on penguin chat 3 were asked to help test bugs
    some got picked and could help test the beta version of club penguin

  12. aww man! does that mean your banned on clubpenguin? cause you can still use play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf.

    fano: no i was just banned on the miniclip forums , not on club penguin

  13. Beta Testers are penguins who played Club Penguin before it was officially launched.
    P.S. Nice wordpress Fano. I’m glad to see you’ve been let back onto Miniclip.

    fano: thanks , welcome to my page

  14. Thats unfair. TO be honest you should be a mod. Because if the mod swore shouldnt the mod be banned aswell? Thats 1 infraction!

  15. Watex this is definitely the real fano. I would really like to chat with you someday Watex. I saw one of your posts on Miniclip. I am also just starting. No telling how many infractions ima have šŸ˜ˆ lol! Oh and a question for fano. Who was the guy that you were “disputing” with?

    fano: the flame war guy? his name is high-tech a wannabe mod

  16. Alright I’ll watch out for that guy and also I’m gonna start smack talkin everybody playin find four. šŸ™‚

    fano: cool , btw can u check if vital viper will play me friday? someone ipbanned me

  17. Yeah dude I’ll see for you. That straight up sux. Those bastards


    fano: its ok ill get a new ip , but can u check when vital viper will play me?
    im still in the tournament

  19. Hey that was not me that said those bas. Look at the IP’s. Oh and yes I still have it posted about you playing him. I will tell you when he replies.

    fano: thanks , the ips are the same i just changed it into bastards cuz its less rude

  20. LOL! Dude I played the guy findingfour and i played zelrio, who are supposed to be the top guys. I pwned findfour so bad and so many times it wasnt even funny. Zelrio is pretty good, but he always makes you start the match. I beat him 1 and tied 1 and lost 2.

    fano: lol sweet , im supposed to play vital tomorrow but i have no idea when he replys

  21. lol im on miniclip too!

  22. Man they took you off. šŸ˜¦

    fano: oh owell , could u give me the guys email adress?
    its at the botton of his first post

  23. I am now a double rule violator. šŸ˜¦ NOT! Man who gives a unowat? Oh his e-mail is http://www.uduwutidu@yahoo.com

    fano: sorry man , but thanks for ur help.
    if ur not ipbanned then u can just create another name

  24. DUDE NOW THEY FREAKIN PERMA BANNED ME!!! Look at my new post.

    fano: wauw how bad is that! what did u do to get banned?

  25. Man they said this bullcrap dude. I e-mailed Rfs about it. I posted the whole message they sent when they IP banned me. Its on my site, top post.

  26. Use a proxy šŸ˜‰

  27. i am ip banned and i dont even have an account how can it be possible?

    fano: lol i dunno

  28. šŸ˜ Miniclip forums are annoying theyve warned me 3 times and i didnt do much
    1st i sed to my mate doumbe as a reply
    Doumbe u rule! and I was warned for SPAMING?!?!?
    i cant remember the other 2

    fano: yea the rules are rly weird and unfair there


  30. Ah thats why you havent been on for years… you should contact club penguin support thats what i did even when i purposly said bad words

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