new mission

hey everyone theres a new mission coming out
its rumored to be in november so pay attention
also we can see if they added my idea of the white furr


~ by fanocp on October 29, 2007.

10 Responses to “new mission”

  1. I think “your idea” is the same as many other people and the same as what CP had thought of originally before they added the white fur into the missions!

    fano: no my idea isnt just a yeti , its more then that and i made it up myself
    even before i knew about the missions and the furr

  2. Fano my penguin is antsrule03!! I saw you at the iceburg and you were giving tours lol! That was fun. When I write this you are at the iceburg giving tours!! I’ll see you!!!

  3. please can i go onto your blogroll fano? have you checked the hits to my site??

    fano: yea i checked but i dont get any sorry

  4. oh the mission i saw that three days ago lol

  5. lol i just saw u

  6. fano steals ideas

    fano: no i dont lol

  7. hey did u see showoff fano lol he had alot of people on his side are you worried?

    fano: no they are just fans who i didnt add

  8. hey fano just letting you no showoff fano is my brother unfourtinally 😆 hes making a wordpress soon and it is like a anti fano thingy ill give you the link when it comes out i dont no why hes mad at you but ill try to talk him out of it but i dont think he’ll listen and we share a computer so we will have th same IP address

    fano: thats ok but dont let him make a bad post on my page or the ip gets blocked

  9. u get soo many hits each day i get like only 100 each day u get like 5000 each day lol]

    fano: thats still good

  10. nope my blog is not fixed. who would have done it to me. also, can you ost on my blog since yor an admin. i need help with my blog. also can you make a post with a link to my blog. it would realy helpyour a good buddy. 🙂

    fano: if u put ur site in ur url when u post a message , ur name becomes clickable and people visit.
    also u can try to post on forum , they helped me alot

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