20.000 views party

im having a 20.000 views party saturday 3 november.
the first one is at frozen at 10 am
and the second one is in mammoth at 4 pm
all times are psa (penguin standart time)
we will gather at the iceberg and maybe some sleds.
and if many come an after party in my igloo.
see u at the party and thanks for all the views everyone


~ by fanocp on October 26, 2007.

21 Responses to “20.000 views party”

  1. when am i gonna be on your blogroll fano?

  2. Lol. I went through this.

    He will add you to his blogroll when he see’s that alot of people go from your site to his.
    I tried this by going from my site to his but did it a little to many times.
    You should not do that because Fano will know πŸ˜†

    Back to topic: I totaly agree!!! This is the best party in the time of CP. The music is amazing! The free items are good. Everything couldn’t get better! Also the pin is really cool!

  3. dude somebody is posing as you on IM. their screen name is pwnage fano. They are really making you look bad. I am trying to stop him now.

    fano: i dont have IM so if people know that then no need to pay attention to that guy

  4. wow your hits are going fast!

  5. Fano I was wondering if you would like to combine your party with my party? That would be awesome man. If you could get on tomorrow I’d like to talk to you on meebo.

    fano: my comp isnt working for atleast a week i think so , the party will be late sorry

  6. kool :mrgreen:

  7. Fano get rid of all that advertising! P.S. Can I go to your party even if i’m not your buddy??

    fano: yes everyone is welcome to my party.
    i will get rid of the advertising , everyone who does gets blocked.

  8. can u post my blog plz

  9. Every1 was dissapointed u didnt come to my pumpkin party…

    fano: my computer isnt working sorry

  10. I know i was too. But i was fake fano! πŸ˜€
    No offense fano.

  11. Fano, can you PLZ POST ON MY BLOG?

    fano: im rly busy with my own sorry

  12. 20.000 hits already?!?!?

  13. wow that was quick and i have an idea to keep the hits coming! πŸ™‚ you should make more posts and mabye more videos for your fans intertainment!

  14. i will come to your 20.000 hits party! but it depends if i am going or not.

  15. 11 days before my birthday :mrgreen:

  16. ill try to come i hope i can

  17. i am 100% sure im comin to both

  18. Uhh dude your party is the same day as mine! If you can wanna do it both at the same time and other stuff. Mine is at 1:00 pst if we could change it to that time? Can we plz

    fano: my time is staying this way cuz of the diffrent countrys , but if u can change urs to mine go ahead.

  19. ok about i will change it to 4:00 pm cuz ur party is at that time the seconed one is. is it pacific time if u can tell me taht?

    fano: its penguin standart time , that means the time that is shown at the tower in the snow forts

  20. MONKEY MONKEY!!!!! >:-O

  21. HI Fano,
    Sorry i could not make it to the 1st party:( but i will make it to the 2nd party. honest

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