second anniversary hat

today is the second year party of club penguin and its cool
the new hat looks like gold and i like gooooold!
get it fast at the book room becuz it only lasts 1 day.
theres also a new book full of memories
and dont forget to enjoy the music 😛


~ by fanocp on October 24, 2007.

21 Responses to “second anniversary hat”

  1. Hey!
    I love the hats!

  2. sup fano? This was the penguin you walked up too and said ” you have found the beta hat! would you like to pick it up?” lol C U on cp!

    sarge dudles

  3. Yo!!

    The hats are soo cool. when I wear the hat I see myself wearing the beta.LOL

  4. Yeah, I like the hats.

  5. i puton the green and blue hat and ppl are following me and saying “Omg!!!!!!! how did you do that were is that hat!!!!”

    fano: lol yea i saw that , the green blue was more wanted then my yellow pink.
    and yea i got the message lol

  6. hi fano nice site

  7. yo i see u on cp sometimes ur kool 😉 :mrgreen: well anywayz nice site

  8. Fano please comment on my blog plz plz plz! Just say hi or seomthing then everyone will get all exited lolz

  9. Please comment on my blog fano please!

  10. Hey I love the new hat. but if you could make any party hat the beta one which one would it be?

  11. Fano its bucaners74 whats up

  12. Fano check out my latest post.

  13. Fano, i made u administrator at my blog thx! Thats why i needed you email i just saw it whne u comented. Do you wanna help my blog once in a while fano? I already added u lolz

  14. hey fano when do u go on cp i want to meet u so much my name is katie41599 if u see me send a request plz u rock oh and if i see u ill send a request i would oh u so much if u become my friend u would be my bff

  15. hi fano, cool site, i remember beating you at find four yesterday 😀
    lol it was fun to play you at find four, you have some sneaky tactics, perhaps i could learn more moves if i play you again 😛
    i’m on waiting list for find four world cup tournament lol.
    anyway, keep up good work with your site

    – Pingu Chippa

  16. forgot to say, good luck against vital viper!

    fano: gg and thanks , i dont need it tho :mrgreen:

  17. yo its lasting 2 days its still on

  18. I really like the party hats, but I cant enjoy the music coz my speakers are broken! 😥

  19. Hey Fano Its Krashio Ftom Cp
    I was wondering do u like me as a friend

    fano: i think of everyone whos nice on cp as a friend

  20. where do you get the betta hat

    fano: u cant but if u wanna know where u could get em , it was in town

  21. I am thinking whats the next anniversary hat gonna be … they ran out of colours Fano what do you think ?

    fano: i dunno lol

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