find four tournament

4 november are the qualification rounds of the find four tournament
hosted on the miniclip forums. i start vs vital viper in wool socks server at 4 psa.
if you want to watch , be sure to visit
or see the vid on youtube cuz i will record it.
if you want to join , sign up on the forum
just click on the icon to go there


~ by fanocp on October 23, 2007.

19 Responses to “find four tournament”

  1. DUDE I WANNA JOIN!!! THAT WAS MY IDEA TO DO THAT!!! Please ask Vital Viper to let me enter.

    fano: a person is hosting it , just leave a message on the forum and he adds u
    the winner will be worlds best find four player of whole club penguin!

  2. hey whats a mimiclip fourm and could you plz explain how to get to one or where it is

    fano: click on the find four picture to go to it

  3. ohhh, man! I missed it!

    fano: lol my bad , its november xD

  4. Fano where are u. I am in your igloo waiting for you (monkey club) and u are not coming! plz hurry up man.

    fano: sorry i had no internet for hours i couldnt make it

  5. lol nice site. Dude if its okay if you cna check out ym site. . I am admin am admin at Car23Trey10 site and then he told me about gesert which told me about you. I hope we cna be buddies.Maybe play a sled race some time.

  6. hey fano its lil kooka when is it. plus can u tell me or email me a whole list about the find four tournament. plus what is a miniclip fourm.

    fano: its the official club penguin forum , just click on the find four icon to go to it

  7. When is the find four tournament please can you tell.

  8. may i join fano i defeated alot of famous people like commando717 and other people

    fano: im not hosting it. if u wanna join u gotta sign up at the forum

  9. yes but i dont want to join the fourim so can you as vital viper if i can join
    and ill try to

    fano: sorry u have to sign up and post

  10. ok i hope he comment on my reply

  11. dang he said it was full and then he let this pitty thing in before me
    and i posted before him for god sacks

    fano: lol yea cuz u requested a server and that one was full
    but u got a spot open cuz someone was banned so looks like u can play

  12. what is the server 4psa?

    fano: its all in the topic read it

  13. can i be in it!

    match server mammoth
    my time

  14. What kind of time is psa fano. Like what does it stand for?

    fano: psa means penguin standart time.
    its the time u see at the big tower in snow forts

  15. Man who is mike pain? Also i think our country has all of the best talent. Me you and vital viper, are probably the best out of all flags.

    fano: lol gesert u not getting scared are ya? xD

  16. LOL! Maybe a little. šŸ™‚


  18. I wanna be in the tournament. I beat Gesert. But I guess I was too late. Can you find a spot for me fano

    fano: u gotta post on the forum and ask for a spot.
    if someone doesnt show up u might get the spot

  19. But when registering, it says “Unavailable to register you at this time.” ????!!!! sooo i cant register. Fano can you just tell the guy that Allstar 25 wants to sign up, if theres an open spot.

    fano: i can just register , u sure u doing it right?

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