buddy hax

since a day ago alot of haxers are adding me on their list even when im full
they have some kind of program that does it and its very annoying.
test penguins are following me everywhere!
i wont bother reporting those ‘extra’ penguins
but if you add me on your list on your real name using this hax
i will bann u forever.
if this happened to you too , email club penguin about it and let them know about this.


~ by fanocp on October 22, 2007.

26 Responses to “buddy hax”

  1. i know a penguin to look out for the same thing happened to me on summit i got like a million test following me and they all give me request saying accepted im like omg!!!!!!

    fano: i know even if u dont accept they still get on ur buddy list

  2. I know i saw it!

  3. I thought people said that was fixed. Aww man I hate that hack so badly.

  4. Me & Dgff were in the ski lodge & I saw a guy called buddy haker so I reported him. Then 3 ppl got added to my buddy list & 1 was called 1flddy. I removed them though.

  5. Man no offense you guys but that is an AWESOME hack. It sux though cause you will probably get banned forever. Im not worrying about them adding me i dont really care, cause I already have 100 buddies.

  6. you can see them on your list!?!/ there evil!!! il tell cp! there using cp trainer for sure! its obviously cp trainer

  7. i have send a mail to clubpenguin ant them see: Also, thank you for letting us know about the “hacking” situation. We have been aware of it for some time now and we are presently working on this issue.

  8. I reported Clubpenguin about that they are hackers dude.
    Bye Dude
    From Rocktroper

  9. I really hate hackers. Lately there have been alot of hacks with find four, bribble and Club Penguin. I don’t see the point in them hacking into your buddy list because your just going to remove and report them anyway!…

  10. Flamster that is definitely not cp trainer.

  11. Its not cp trainer, its wpe pro. I was Buddy Haker but I wont do it to you anymore fano, I was just testing to see if it worked. And its not supposed to work if your list is full so check again.

  12. yea i had a crowd around me and cause i use to hack i ended up being hated {i got fans back yay} my crowd disaperad and millions of testmssg pwns came up

    reported to cp ! srry mike

    {i will post there reply so stay tuned}

  13. i always c ppl like that i once saw “chewit test” and “test147” and stuff i repoert them like 100 times

  14. ^^You know reporting does nothing unless its a report for cursing.

  15. Fano, with all respect I just wanna say something. I really hope you don’t get mad at me, because I am not saying this with any hate or anger at all. You’ve been telling us that your buddy list is full, but I’ve noticed a lot of things that let me know that it isn’t. I am NOT calling you a liar fano, you probably have a good reason for telling us this, and I understand. I used to really want you to add me on Club Penguin, but now I know it doesn’t mean much, so I am not going to ask you to add me, but Ss19 has claimed and posted that you added him. Dude I haven’t lost any respect for you, and I really hope you don’t lose any for me. I hope you understand 🙂

    fano: i have a few spots open for the people that will help me become a member
    but i cant add since those are special spots and are limited
    if people claim i added them , they lie


  17. Thnx dude for tellin me that.

  18. today i saw u wear the bowtie so u r a member

    fano: bowtie is a free item…

  19. hackers are messed up

  20. fano why are you using image shack for everyone of your pics?

    fano: its easy to resize

  21. hey fano i saw a lot pof people klik on the link ant then the come to ypou site can you sed me now in your bloroll?

    fano: i dont see people that clicked on ur bloglist to visit mine.
    if u have around 12 or more a day i add u

  22. Quote from clubpenguinchatandsecrets:

    You are wrong. fano is not a member. The bowtie was given away as a free item for non members a while ago.

    fano: yea some people arent smart

  23. Fano, I saw some pictures that there was like a Beta Party and everyone could get beta hats for free at 2005 was that true? Alot of people quit cp from back then there wes like 1000s of betas now tehres only like 5. I saw some pictures at the miniclips forum just wondering did u get it from there plz reply?

    fano: everyone u saw at that party were beta testers.
    u could get the hats for free but only about 155 betas got the hat and not many are left

  24. why only 155? cuz no one signed up back then. Wish i did i didnt know about club penguin i just started like a year ago well its ok lolz

    fano: cuz there were only about 155 selected to test the game

  25. yeah but your so famous its pretty easy to see why theyd go as far as hacking to be your friend.

  26. oh ok lolz cuz wehn i saw the pic like everyoen could get it there was a bag and said FREE BETA HATS COME GET THEM lolz

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