poser showdown at frozen dock!

this featured game is now at the dock at frozen!
a popularity contest between fano , little wolf and clone!
all 3 betas stand with a crowd but who will be the biggest poser?
join fast and go to ur favorite beta!


~ by fanocp on October 21, 2007.

17 Responses to “poser showdown at frozen dock!”

  1. IM THERE!

  2. You win man

  3. I keep losin connection.

  4. It wont let me go!!!

  5. My favourite beta is kentpet because he adds every1! But between u, clone & little wolfe, id say u. little wolf second, clone 3rd because idk clone.

  6. did u say i can be your body guard? p.s. ur working on flamsters site? so am i!

  7. I was there fano! Remember me? You invited me to your igloo and we chased you! It was sooo fun! Thanks for inveting me! I had a blast! See you next time! -Cena12121

  8. Hello!

    You have a great site, and alot of hits. If you’re looking for a club penguin site head on over to http://www.wobbleman29.wordpress.com it has great club penguin updates. Bye!


  9. i was there i was junkyardawg p.s. thnx for inviting me to ur igloo 😀

  10. im sooooo voting for u man


  12. Hey fano i was there remeber man your site rocks

  13. fano you will sick win :mrgreen:

  14. umm fano the ninja shadows stilll there. its just harder to see

  15. you will win~!

  16. no fano. it hasnt. its still there. i can see it. it is now very lght so it is hard to see. but it is still there. if you look closely you will see it. its still there.

    fano: yea but they changed most of it

  17. w8 little wolf and clone are betas too?

    fano: yes

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