ninja shadow disappeared

the shadow at the lighthouse is disapeared.
maybe this is because club penguin received to many emails about it.
or it might be something els.
who can tell , take a look for yourself


~ by fanocp on October 21, 2007.

11 Responses to “ninja shadow disappeared”

  1. waht you think is going to happen fano ?

    fano: i dont know , it could be that they removed it becuz to many emailed them asking about it
    but why would they put it in the first place? it might be ninjas , maybe something els.

  2. wat ninja shadow

    fano: behind the fish net

  3. Its still there, but its flipper is gone.

  4. are you a member i saw with a bowtie on!

    fano: no that was a free item

  5. hey is true the shadow dissaperard but it came again idk what is happening i think cp has control of everything they have a really big surprice 4 us lol.

  6. dude im still wondering about your glasses if your not a member

    fano: the glasses were a free item , visit miniclip forums to see the list

  7. what if ninja comes to cp?…… for nonmembers too.
    sarge dudles

  8. I bet they hid it somewhere else, because ninjas move, I got an email back from them, Here is what is said:

    Hi there,

    Wow that sure is an interesting mission suggestion! I will be sure to
    send it along to our Development Team so that they can consider it
    however I cannot promise when or if they might use it. Be sure to keep in
    touch to the Club Penguin Times and the What’s New blog for updates and

    Currently there are no Ninjas in Club Penguin however anything is
    possible in the future! Those shadows are one of the secrets in Club Penguin
    and I would like to congratulate you on finding them! Be sure to keep
    your eyes open for more secrets.

    We’re actually not sure yet where the white fur came from, G is working
    very hard on figuring it out though!

    Club Penguin Fan Mail


  10. no i still see it

  11. It’s only lighter, its still there.

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