find four is being hacked

go to frozen atm and u see every find four table being played by ‘pie almighty’ vs himself.
i contacted mods so it should be fixed soon , but have a look.
also i played findforpro and won :mrgreen:

~ by fanocp on October 19, 2007.

44 Responses to “find four is being hacked”

  1. who was the find 4 pro

    fano: his name is find4pro lol

  2. lol so did u get to see the test servers back in the day?
    also u no where you got the pink and black hats
    ps you should make a video of your buddy list that would be sweet

    fano: i got the hats in februari , and i might make a video maybe 😛

  3. Hey fano, I just saw u on frozen at the dock! (at 2:27) just wondering, what colour is the new party hat gonna be?

    fano: u can see the poll on clubpenguin page to see what colors.
    i think its between red and yellow or orange and yellow

  4. fano!!! It was like that for but another name!!! it was like “mike 52 pawns”.

  5. That’s creepy, I went there and instead of “Pie Almighty” it was “Mike 92 Pwns” Weird eh?

    ~Well, ttyl!

  6. now it says Mike 92 Pwns

  7. Fano, i saw you at cp verusing you at find four1 but then you went. i was recording that on utube but lol why did u quit, dude plz tell me your email thx.

    fano: sorry i got disconnected , and my emails a secret lol sorry

  8. Yeah I was gonna play Find Four till I saw it being hacked

  9. It now says Wurdpres com

  10. OMG. Mike92 is one of my best buds! But I dont see him much anymore though. He taught me almost everything to know about hacking. (I dont hack anymore)

  11. wow

  12. their is a hacker called “pie” i think. So far mike92, toxic and pie know this trick. Toxic told me, hes on my bddy list

  13. i saw anmother one there today on frozen called lolly or something

  14. I saw you today at dock then you left your on mysite

  15. No i need your email because i wnt to make you an administartor/author on my blog thats why

  16. okmg! now it says wurdpressdude

  17. hey legoless/fano plz add me to your blogroll nobody added me to theres but sameer. plz

  18. no no! dont quit ur blog fano

    fano: i wont quit it , i just wont update it daily

  19. yeah its happening in mammoth and frozen, for me there was one called “wurdpes dude” and another called “i am test” lol


  20. oh fano you know pie almighty when you logged of i met him!and i reported him for rouning my game lol!

  21. Hey I found another that hacked the find four tables on Frozen again. to see go to my wordpress
    which is this:

  22. um.. who posted this post? legoless or fano? 😕

    fano: legoless posts the newspaper , i do the other news

  23. ow hey fano rember me from 1new1
    can be buddy’s and can i be in your blogroll?

    fano: read the rules , bout the blogroll if i get alot of views from ur site then i automaticly add u

  24. nice site fano, ive been watching your hits soar! You may have heard of me, Ogo1234, or Ogojoe100, im also one of soldier112 buddies.
    C yah!!!

  25. man sumthing weird is going on one of them is saying sum guys name and anotehr one two ppl are playing(difrent ppl) this is wiers

  26. Dude Fano im she had to know since sheevmister is banned forever and i’ll make a donatoain and Pie Almighty is a hacker names Ilikepie9010 and his Im is Rfors1995

  27. ddue look at my site you wont believe the pics i found 5 minutes ago i took them ok

  28. Holla!
    Woah! How many hits do you get on average?

  29. that hapend 2 me one time put by mike 92 pwns it was wered

    ~hatman waddel on!!!

  30. I smell a 20,000 hits party getting near.

  31. thanks for visiting my site fano i tried my best on that edit i hope i can get added to the blog roll i have 2000 hits now i just started at the camping party

  32. hey fano i have a question
    ummmmm since u were one of the first people to know about club penguin, in the first few months did memberships exist?

    fano: yea u could buy clothes

  33. Aww its fixed now 😦

  34. yeah 😥

  35. Toxic said that his names were “wudpes dude” and “wurdpes com” and “your ghwy” and “lolly94” and a few others I can’t remember

  36. Hiya fano!Congrats! You’re almost 20.000 hits! Visit my site too.

  37. Hey…that stuff has gone but whenever you play in Frozen the game atamaticaly quits itself.

  38. i saw one fano called “i am a test” on every single find four game

  39. I know him I’m his buddy Billybob and other mods r fixing it

  40. Why do people hack?


  41. hey hhey its gator back in the house fano i have a site its about partys too and how did u become a beta tester r u a kid

    fano: the people on penguin chat were asked if they wanted to help find bugs.
    we got emailed to be a beta tester , and im a teenager

  42. hi fano its lil dalek.
    they where diffrent on all servers iw as on alpine and it was mc chiken sandwich 😕

  43. find4pro is not the first find four person
    he hacked to win games
    findfourpro is the name is the name of the first find four person

  44. I saw that when i was there too! It was in server frozen!

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