the new contributor and news

thanks everyone for signing up for the contributor job.
i can only pick 1 tho and its gonna be legoless if he wants to.
he will post the newspaperto keep u updated bout whats new in club penguin.

my second news is that i wont keep this wordpress updated.
i know its been good , many people visited my page
with a average of 800 views a day the last week but i just ren out of free time.
i enjoyed making it and meeting at partys , showing beta news and things like that.
it just wont have daily updates.
i will still visit for the ask me page , so u can keep asking and i will still make rockhoppers island and post that when its done.
till that , if legoless still wants to be a contributor , the weekly newspaper will be posted and so will the pin by me.
till then waddle on 😛

~ by fanocp on October 16, 2007.

10 Responses to “the new contributor and news”

  1. no fano u cant stop posting its my favrite site plz dontt stop posting plz fano plz plz plz plz plz fano dont stop

    fano: lol sorry , lts not something i do to get more views
    l rly am gonna stop updading , but the site stays open so u can keep visiting if u want

  2. I WNNA HELP U Plz make me contribator too plz dude

    fano: sorry i alrdy picked legoless

  3. Ok, Ill help!

  4. contributors can only make drafts!!! Make someone author that can only make posts

  5. can i contribute with posting about the special events
    coming up and if there is a party going on? i really wanna work for you!!! youll be a great boss! 🙂 woah!! thirteen thousand hits!!! congratz fano! mine has 11,009 hits. by the time you get this post there will probably be more hits. 🙂 cya!

    fano: atm i only need 1 contributor but maybe later if my blog grows

  6. Ice Vampiro is right. When contibuters write a post, you have to publish it first. & then the contibuter cant edit the post if they make a type, ot want to fix something.

    fano: what am i on urs?

  7. Fano, what is your email? Huh?

    fano: who wants to know :mrgreen:

  8. I am asking. Cuz i might email you sometimes so lol ya

    fano: lol u can just post a question in the ask me page 😛

  9. Hi!

    Congrats legoless! Hope you enjoy ur new job 😉
    fano, legoless is a great friend :mrgreen: Good luck working with him!

    Bye for now!

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