let someone know u paddled!

add a whistle to your costume and paddle with sound!
very cool but dont paddle when a mod is nearby or u end up in jail!
do i paddle with sound when i see a mod u ask?
ofcourse! i just paddle them aswel!
i know what ur thinking and ur right
thats also how yarr got his eyepatch , sorry


~ by fanocp on October 16, 2007.

7 Responses to “let someone know u paddled!”

  1. Ha!

  2. Man I’m having trouble logging into wordpress. How about you?

    fano: l just press always logged in

  3. LOL

  4. cool fano its funny and i have only two mods on my buddy list do u have any on ur list

    fano: i doubt u have 2 mods on ur list , but i have billybob if u wanna know

  5. is not ilegal if u do that i like always do that and look im not banned thata a lie

    fano: i was just joking bout the banned thing

  6. Hey fano its Kornareso i saw you on CP and i was wondering if you could put me in your blogroll i have this rule for my blogroll but u are an exeption so if you will just let me know in a comment on my site and i will put you in my blogroll and i saw your thing at the top well my site is popular im almost to 600,000 views

    fano: no u hax ur blogviews , when u refresh it goes up and down with alot.
    give urself a million views like paintboy and i still wouldnt add u

  7. Fano. Kornareso doesn’t hack his hits! Its impossible. I swear. The reason it goes down and up is because wordpress lags and isn’t good at keeping the stats updated. It happens to lots of the other famous blogs.

    fano: its not impossible , paintboy and chewitt do it too

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