10.000 views party update

the second party was smaller but alot more fun
first we went to my igloo to gather as pirates!
then we went to the dojo under dop3boii’s command
and had a snowball war.
till next party mateys πŸ˜€

~ by fanocp on October 13, 2007.

12 Responses to “10.000 views party update”

  1. hi fano wen is ur next party plz tell me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    fano: when i have 20.000 views

  2. I missed it! πŸ˜₯ lol o well. P.S. do you ever wish you were member?

    fano: not that much for the clothes but i do like decorting igloos

  3. Don’t ask! Or you’ll be paddled! πŸ˜† Anyway, what’s the time of the next party????

  4. I came to the 1st, and was planning on going to the 2nd, and I was like 3 minutes late, and when I came nobody was there. Then, I checked the dojo and dock. You guys must have been in your igloo. 😦

  5. i ddnt make it cuz i had a block party to go to.

  6. fano i know what u thinkin. i suck. because i havent been able to make it to one of your parties. i had to go into my dads shop at the last minute, then when i got home it was too late. and hey, how come you removed so many people from ur blogroll?

  7. I forgot about this party. I made it to part of the war because dop3boii is my buddy and I saw him in the war and i saw you there too.

  8. the party was awesome and fun. let me kno when the next party is.


  9. hi fano wat do u mean by reviews and i dont mean to stupid or anything but r u a boy or girl

    fano: what u mean reviews?
    im a boy

  10. hey we are friend so can u add me to ur blgorll
    wats ur army site?
    your friend

    fano: i look at the views i get from people of ur site.
    if its alot every day i automaticly add u

  11. Hi, You know I now am in the army your in…
    Just go to dop3boii’s site and look at rankings and you will find my name, Bluesoulxo.
    Byez Penguins

    fano: cool , im not actually in that army tho
    i was just helping him in the dojo.
    if u wanna see my army , its called club monkey and we will dominate the penguins

  12. cool i didnt know u had an army fano, do u have a site for it if so tell me and ill add it to my blogroll.

    fano: i dont have a site , its just the third rule on the ask me page πŸ˜›

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