the new pin

the new pin is out and its located at the petshop


~ by fanocp on October 12, 2007.

14 Responses to “the new pin”

  1. lol fano

  2. yeah lol

  3. lol, fano get online i wanna chat.

  4. LOL

  5. Fano is mc foohy!!!! the old smiley came back! im so happy i loved the old smiley when it was out! now its back

    fano: no its not

  6. Yo fano, do you have aim or msn??? dude

    fano: no but u can chat with me on meebo or in cp
    or u can just ask a question in the ask me page

  7. lol thats pretty funny

  8. oooooooo woops i thought you said that this new smile WAS the old smile. Srry! mcfoohy

  9. Hola!
    I’m not brushing my hair with THAT…ewwwww…
    PS Fano can u add me to your BlogRoll, you’re on mine!
    >>FYLL =]

    fano: i look at how many hits i get directing from ur site
    if many click on ur blogroll towards mine everday , i automaticly add u on mine

  10. Dude i like always see you on cp My name is Ogg Vorbis i have a site i’m gonna add you to my blogroll will you please add me to yours and i’ll hopefully see you on Cp soon All the best Oggie101

  11. Hola!

    Okay cool.

    >>FYLL =]
    Fyll-ing you with CP Stuff! =]

  12. fano please be my friend.i try to ask you on cp but its alwase crowded.=(can u tell me when u get on so i can be your names randylol

    fano: my list is full sorry , please read the rules.
    lm online tonight at mammoth , check the 10.00 views party schedule

  13. lol! 😦 imissed the partyagain! aww man. funny picture.oh fano,whn we ,meet again on cp can i be in a funny picture. im on holiday! yay. im in pakistan and its eid. so ts holidays for 8 days

  14. hi fano i want to be in the next party ok and i wanted to be on the blog roll my blog is not very good so i gess u dont want me but here is my horible blog

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