the newspaper 11 october

the newspaper is out and it contains alot of cool info
bout the halloween party coming up 26 october and lots more
check it out and be sure to dress your scariest 😛


~ by fanocp on October 11, 2007.

10 Responses to “the newspaper 11 october”

  1. i will try to dress scariest cuz my membership expired i hope i will renew it xD

  2. Yo!!
    Cool Post fano
    PS:I wanna win the contributor contest.I wish it is me!!LOL

    fano: just make urs look the same like the one i posted and u should win 😛
    i also need someone to post the catalogue with its secrets.
    in total i will hire 2 authors

  3. I’m pretty annoyed about those winners. Some of them wern’t that good at all…but at least there wasn’t a prize 😆

  4. cool000000ol

  5. ya scotland! that non member was dresed as santa claus! not halloween

  6. come to ur meebo now cuz i see that u deleted my last comment

    fano: im not always online. lf u have a question u can post it in the ask me section
    if u wanna chat , u just gotta be on meebo at the right time or see me in cp

  7. hey fano sup did u know that i saw u once and many penguins were around u and i did not know that u wer famous lol. i saw u in mammmoth i think u say me i was joshi15

  8. fano what was the very 1st Halloween party like?

    fano: it was cool , it had spider webs all over

  9. hey fano im dean z i always see u on club penguin

  10. what the hell is happening i refreshed on ur page ur hits were 9999 now its 9933 ???? do u use the same thing as paintboy lol! dunno if u dont refresh its really cool and weird lol!

    fano: no i dont hack , refresh again u see its on 10.000

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