i need contributors

hullooo im going to need contributors
i wont have much free time left and im spending way to much
on making this page as cool and clean as posibble.
since i wont be on that much , i will need someone that can post
the weekly newspaper.
i know its not original and i wasnt planned on doing so but if new players
find this site they will like it , or maybe you like it who visits now.
it has to look good so u need some editing skilz.

second i will need someone who can keep the posts clean.
no spam , buddie requests , can u add me on ur blog or advertising just their site
without saying anything about the topic.
i dont know much about selecting help so i need some tips on what options u get
when i make u a conributor author or editor.
if you would like to be a part of my page , feel free to leave a message.
show some of ur newspaper work if you want that job.
i do expect real good quaility and no rushed work.
so only apply if u have free time and like to edit.
the best ones i will pick , gl πŸ˜›


~ by fanocp on October 10, 2007.

34 Responses to “i need contributors”

  1. um i will if you want…

    fano: pls be a little more specific bout what

  2. I will.Ive been making them for a year now.i deleted all of mine tho.
    Go to one of these pukalicous or duckwit.

    fano: thats good work , i will post a news paper this week as an example
    and who ever gets closest , i will choose

  3. Yo!!
    Sup fano?I will surely be your contributor i will help you with anything i have like 7,550 hits on my site I really want to have this job.PLease reply on my message.

    fano: i will pick whos the best for the job next week

  4. Hola!

    Hii fano I met u on Mammoth today! I’m trying to mend the window i broke in the Ski Lodge…

    I can help you!

    I would love to help you with the comments and posts, etc. I love WordPress and have over 8 months experience in it.

    My blog has over 90,000 viewers so you know I am in the top few.

    Choose wisely!

    >>FYLL =]
    90,000 viewers and still strong – http://www.fylliper.wordpress.com

  5. hey fano well me pls , i can do u my best and add u all the news and add some cool stuff and make this blog better , waddle on =)
    and i forgot to say my hits are going up so high so ill help u , ill make u a widget so ppl can click on it and go on to ur blog , one more thing!
    mohd 222 , the red hot chilli lolly boy lol!

  6. hey fano!ican i be a contributer?I know a c00l thing about the newspaper =) and i also can post c00l stuff whn ure gone or somethin =D

  7. Well.. if you want I’m ready to post a weekly newspaper. I used to post about the newspaper exectly at the second that I open the nwspaper! πŸ˜† I’m free to control comments,too!
    Thank You For The Opportunity!
    PS: You’re the best club penguin beta tester!
    Oh, And I am online everyday!

  8. i could be editor if u want

  9. Yo fano! hey cool could i be a contributor? i try to post a lot on my site but it gets y’know… kinda boring!! :mrgreen: it w0uld be cool to be able to contribute here. ive had you on my blogroll for a while now too! i have plenty of time to do stuff so hmm whatever! thanxs plz visit my site to see!

    fano: i look at whos a good editor and most active.
    i will post the newspaper tomorrow and next week i will pick a contributor

  10. Holla!
    I have known you for awhile and I can be the comment person. I can get all the comments into moderation, no matter what.
    Will that do?
    Also, I can automatically put any comments with links into spam!

    fano: what must l make someone so that person can edit posts?

  11. Holla!
    Read that back, it doesn’t make sense to me!
    P.S I wasn’t logged in then.

    fano: i mean u can make someone a contributor , author or editor.
    wich one can edit posts?

  12. An editor can write an entire post and edit comments i think, but im not sure what an author does ❓


  13. Holla!
    Conributer – Nothing really, just has there name on the site
    Editor – Can make posts, edit comments but not moderate them
    Author – Can make posts & Pages, edit comments maybe moderate comments.

    I have never been an author, i dunno.

  14. Hey Fano ill do whatever you want me too also i think your blog is awsome
    ps the idea about they hairy penguin is pretty cool
    Thanks Midnightmoon

  15. i can delete spam buddy request and alll that cause i am on the computer every day

  16. hay i am the first peron in cp that can post about the secrets and newspapers
    i have been making post for about 8 months and is really popular
    and i will post about everything

  17. I would like to be one!

  18. how bout like me an editor or something…

  19. Hola!

    (from wordpress.com)

    The Admin can do everything. Complete power over posts, comments, settings, theme choice, import, users Nothing is off-limits.
    They can publish any posts, edit any posts, edit any published posts, edit any pages, moderate comments, manage categories, manage links and upload files. They can also delete any posts and any pages. They can read, edit and delete private posts.
    Is able to edit their posts, publish their posts and upload files. And they can delete their posts too.
    They can edit their posts but cannot publish.
    I hope you understand now – pick me, I’m experienced, aren’t I? =]

    fano: thanks for the info , l guess i will make authors only.
    i’ve posted the newspaper and thats how its gotta look like.
    the main page , and the important info.
    if u want to read the comics , jokes and featured game u can see it in club penguin.
    show me some of your work looking like this and next week i will pick an author.
    ps: the color around the newspaper has to be the same black as on my wordpress
    so copy that color and use it around the newspaper.
    the main page gets posted and the whole paper gets linked attached it.
    gl to everyone and thanks for all the interest in helping my site πŸ˜€

  20. I am very exerienced now!!
    I would love to help ur site…
    Good Luck picking some!

  21. hey fano
    you even commented on my site how nice my pages are
    I could do it and you would not regret letting me do it.

  22. Ill help if you want. It’s only fair because your a contributer for my site. So Ill retuern the favour if you ever need me.

  23. I will be a contributor

  24. Hey Fano can I help. I’m good at the picture thing

  25. Well I think you should pick someone with a good timezone because it will be late. Pengumaniac4 lives somewhere far and makes post really early. Sometimes hes the first person to post the new things. OR maybe mike92. He updates fast too.

  26. thanks toxic πŸ˜€

  27. i am a way fast editer because im on everday,Plz pick me i realley want to help you very badley!. Wait can neenow meet you club penguin because he is quite kool and thinks that you rule!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will even give you a free account if you be my buddy

  28. fano can you help my site? i need your email tho

    fano: im rly busy with my own site so i cant help u
    but thanks for asking me , i appreciate it πŸ˜›

  29. then can i be a helper on yours? i would really love to help! also i would do anything to be your buddy!! and i meen ANYTHING!!!!!

    fano: thanks for ur help but i already picked someone sorry.
    maybe in the future if i need someone i might pick u if ur good πŸ˜›

  30. like im never good. lol! πŸ™‚

  31. Fano, Can I help with your blog? I am really good. You met me once on CP. I am Horsetrailer. Do you remember? Well, Just put me on Contributer if you want me to help!

  32. I wanna be a contributor!

  33. hey fano!!! sup? ikm on vacation! πŸ™‚ yay!. plz can i be a contributer

  34. Hey my name is fossle and I’ve met you before
    Can I please be a contribuator

    fano: ive alrdy picked someone sorry

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