video of the party

i never had so many penguins in my igloo.
it was great but when i got there i saw my furniture missing!
better tell me who got them or els i have nothing to sit on.
thanks for everyone for showing up and sorry for saying move it
i was only singing along the lyrics lol :mrgreen:

~ by fanocp on October 9, 2007.

13 Responses to “video of the party”

  1. Lol thats such an awesome song! Its so cool!


  2. lol that song is funny! , awesome did u send them all cards?

    fano: yea it took some time lol

  3. Holla!
    Cool vid! I loved your party!

  4. hi fano, i sawu todasy at the dock on mammoth. I was the one who siad to paddle like on the video. You said really but you never did.

    fano: yea normaly i would but l needed a bigger paddle

  5. Cool! I wasn’t at the second party so i missed the video lol.

  6. oh so that was the second party :mrgreen: i only came to the first.


  7. Yeah sorry about stealing your furniture. Great party!
    You should have paddled Orgulan.

    fano: yea l kno lol

  8. Yo!!

    Cool Party I wish I was there and im gonna advertise for you on my site and add you to my blogroll.Hope we can meet in CP.

  9. dude i was there i was in the vid yo u can see me saying to pukalicious wanna go to the dock oh ya cool party

    fano: thanks for being at the party

  10. fano i thought u were a nonmemebr! how did they ge in ur igloo?

    fano: i sent alot of invites

  11. I wish i came to ur party! 🙂

  12. hey fano can u comment my site lol and all ad u 2 my blogroll

  13. yay im on utube for like the 3/4 time! man great party fano! fano i have an idea, we could have a party at my member igloo and it can be on the map! tell me if ya wanna do it

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