my club penguin idea

heres an idea of mine i sent 2 months ago.
its about a white hairy penguin that looks like a yeti.
to read bout it , just click on the email picture.
club penguin is really excited about it , but cant promise it will be in the game
however the fur does match the white lil pieces of fur in the missions
so who knows. if u see a white hairy penguin ,
just know it came from me šŸ˜›

~ by fanocp on October 9, 2007.

16 Responses to “my club penguin idea”

  1. Yo!!
    cool post fano!!

  2. hey fano check out post of me and u ”party” lol thnx for great ”party” lol
    ~Race Guy

  3. fano do u have penguin Fanocp?
    thx alot dude you so tottaly rock!!!

    fano: fanocp is flamster hes a friend of mine

  4. That’s what the CP Support Team say every time I send an idea too!

    fano: yea i sent them ideas before and they said i will pass em on.
    this time they rly are excited , dont know if they will add it but it does match the missions

  5. Holla!
    lol, when I send in Ideas almost the axact same thing comes back :mrgreen: Maybe they respond more to you because your a beta, or maybe the idea was a hell of a lot better than mine.
    Either way The E-mail replies are always crap šŸ˜†

    fano: lol well i just posted this incase it does get added to cp , l could tell it was my idea šŸ˜€

  6. when i saw t i thought it was a abomnable snowman.Cause remember fano they sad t was not penguin or puffle.(not trying to be mean if i am…sorry)and check your meebo i told you somethng
    good point lol can you get on?

    fano: they could think its a yeti , but turns out its a hairy penguin who knows
    we have to wait for mission 5 to find out
    im online tomorrow again

  7. fano you said you’ll add me to your blogroll. I added you to mine.

    fano: if u want to be on my blogroll i will look at how many penguins click on urs
    to get to my page. if its alot everyday i automaticly add u on mine.

  8. Dang!! Man fano your so creative! lol


  9. daaaang i cant read this one either!!!!!!! its all weird an stuff

    fano: i can upload it somewhere els for u if u like

  10. i like how they say , i cant guarantee that u will see this ‘right away’.
    normaly they say we cant guarantee anything but we will pass it on.
    maybe its a hint that it will be added later in the game
    or mabe i just want that i dunno anyway , name for possible white hairy penguin? fano šŸ˜†

  11. Yeah they get all excited over some ideas. One time I said to make a black viking helmet hidden in catalogs and 5 mods read it and said they would pass it on. The other ideas just get 1 mod to read it šŸ˜• That’s a really cool idea. It would be really cool if the yeti is going to be a real penguin like rockhopper! šŸ˜€

  12. hey fano ive got an idea why dont you make a chatbox from it will be awesome

    fano: i dont really like bribble but maybe i add a chatbox later

  13. hey fano why u wroted in my comment thnx alot dude u totally rock!!! i didnt wroted that but leave it its cool =)

  14. Dude thats cool.They(club penguins awesome mods) listen to you

  15. that wuld b kool if u yeti came…i asked 4 goth catalogz….they sed cp 2 culurful…as if…black better

  16. Hey fano. How did you get to be a beta tester? And you know me, Integerty. If you remeber me, can we plz be friends!!!

    fano: we got asked to test the game back at penguin chat

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