5000 hits party

i will be having a 5000 hits party
the first party was great
we played find four and sled racing
the second party was even cooler!
we had a huge party at the iceberg , dock and at my igloo
i will be posting vids of it later.
thanks for coming everyone
heres a picture of the party 😀


~ by fanocp on October 5, 2007.

70 Responses to “5000 hits party”

  1. Yay first comment! I can make it to this one! This is going to be my first party that was planned on wordpress.

  2. yofano! wutas up. i will help you get to 5000 hits. you rok! if you need any help with hits tell me and i will help

  3. Well you know what this means fano. Grab your paddleballs and get ready for WAR! Lol I hope they don’t crowd you. Somtimes I can’t even see you. My favorite face is either the shocked face or the lucky emote. so I’ll be using those 2 a lot. Cyclops smiley attack! O) LOL

  4. hey dude I visited your site earlier so i guess this is a new post so what time zone do you meen club penguin time zone or what?

    fano: yea all times are in club penguin time
    i forgot to post that

  5. Holla!
    Woah! Not even I get 5,000 in 10 days or so! I’ll try to come :mrgreen: I hope I helped with your hits!

    fano: thx u sure did 😛

  6. :mrgreen:

  7. fano fano fano fano, on youtube, i was trying to find videos made by you if you did make videos and i found a video that showed you beeing hacked by a pengin named ZSCOOB.

    fano: that guy uses cp trainer. it allows u to change ur name into anything , but others cant see it.
    he didnt actually hax my account

  8. when is the gold viking helmet comin back?

    fano: l dunno , aunt arctic said it would come back
    but just check the catalogue every week to find out when

  9. is that pst?

    fano: the times are club penguin time.
    u can see it at the big tower at snow forts

  10. Hey Fano,

    I have a feeling I misread this several times, but when is the date of your party? I hope I haven’t skipped this on your post..

    I’ll try and see if I can come, I’m not that sure, as we might have different time zones..

    Anyway, hope to see ya there!
    Waddle3773 :mrgreen:

    fano: yea its sunday xd
    i have both partys for diffrent time zones

  11. Hi Fano your site rocks!
    P.S. I am Tylerhere07 from the Lodge Attic earlier! 😛

  12. Um fano what day is the party? I hope tomorrow! It cant be sunday! I got church at 9AM PST ( noon for me )!

    fano: its sunday lol , but i can meet u tomorrow

  13. I will try to come!

  14. I also have church Sunday so try to make it later on for frozen

  15. Can we go to Rockhopper island? Comment back @
    http://www.yorky3.wordpress.com plz!

    fano: i have to make it first , then send it to cp.
    i cant guarantee they take will make it , but maybe with enough votes they will

  16. LOL u get like 500 hits day !
    i get about 150 a day.
    Well cya there

  17. Ill be there!

  18. Hey dude i was wondering if you could post about my contest alright thx alot dude see ya

  19. hey fano its me branden1234 i was hanging with yea a couple days and ur a good friend and im comin to ur party on sunday mabey at ur party ill ask u to be my firned

  20. yo fano! sup. how are things on cp. how to i get on your blogroll.
    tell me on a comment on my blog. also, i cant put that bANNER on my blog. theres something wrong when i enter the code

    fano: just copy and paste the whole code and it should work.
    did u paste it in a text widget?

  21. yo fano sup , cool ur hits are awesome they get high so fast lol, dont forget to come to my party today , mammoth 6 am ( today october 6) loL! , so cya!

    fano: yea l know when i host a party hit go fast
    u mean 6 am penguin time? l try to visit

  22. dude! Face it you dont need to even advertise to get hits!! Thats cool

  23. I was there! I never so much penguins!

  24. Dang fano, or some reason I can never get to your parties. This one is the same as Gjmc’s, I have church. 😦 😦 : ( I really want to come.

    fano: what time u have church? maybe i can reschedule an hour

  25. if you could can you add me to your bogroll because my hits now are going up like crazy. I got 120 hits so far today.
    hope i see you on club penguin so we can be buddies.
    my penguin name is alex briddon
    p.s everyone on your bogroll are my buddies apart from aguiar and mohd222

  26. go to http://1234nich.wordpress.com/
    its a awesome site leave a comment to

  27. Hi Fano! You And Your Site Totally ROCK! Im Gonna Try To Come To Your Totally Awesome Party Too! Hope To See You There!

  28. AWW I MISED IT 😦

    fano: lt still gonna start :mrgreen:

  29. DO you want me to record your party on hypercam then post it on youtube? i will happily do it 4 u!

    fano: if u want to record it , u can

  30. check out my site and see if it is good enogh to be on your blogroll leave a comment or so and be sure to check out my video page http://www.sunnydayboys.wordpress.com thanks fano you rock

  31. I can make it to 11 am 12 pm and 1pm all cp time. Sunday is not a good free day for me.

  32. Holla!
    I can make them both, I think :mrgreen:
    Thanks for your point!

  33. Holla!
    I saw you on CP at Frozen dock and you left too quickly! Where are you know?
    Know I see you! I’m a good searcher :mrgreen:
    I’m at Dock now.

    fano: me too

  34. fano is it Club penguin standard time?

    fano: yea it is

  35. Yay. Today is like….well today but Sunday? I think it is so i will maybe make it 😀

    fano: yea the party is today , l just updated it

  36. fano i might not make the first party, but i will make the second

    fano: thats cool

  37. what will be the party day?

    fano: today

  38. Hey!
    The date is Sunday, October 7, 2007 which is today. The party starts in a couple of hours. See ya’ there everyone! You to fano!
    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:
    Visit http://graser10.wordpress.com today!

    fano: see u at the party


  40. yo fano sup! i got that saint ives question from my 5th grade teacher last year in america. now im in pakistan and in 6th grade. 😦 i miss america and my friends

  41. fano that is a sweet icon!! i love it

  42. cool party so far fano im on 77gooner77!! :mrgreen:


  43. C000L PARTY!!

  44. big surprise….

  45. Fano i think the party finished but i lost you! Last thing i knew you were at the coffee shop.
    Anyway i might be at the later party 😀

    fano: thx for coming to my party , it was alot of fun.
    the part is over now but u can come to my second one tonight 😀

  46. Holla!
    Where is everyone?

  47. we were at fano’s party but i lost him. Aguair you turned up late lol.

  48. Yep!!! I will hopefuly be at the later party 😀 Maybe you can be my buddy there but i don’t mind. I was unlucky when you beat me at find four lol. I played you at sled racing three times but only beat you once. Well…see you later.

  49. Hey fano, nice party, i was there most of time, unfortunately i didn’t get to play you at find four (I love it), i’ll try and come to second party aswell 😀
    – Pingu Chippa

    fano: thx it was a fun party
    sorry l couldnt play u at four there were tomany

  50. Holla!
    I think I can come for 3pm P.S.T.
    Can you please come a bit earlier because thats 11pm in Scotland and being 11 that’s not far away from my bed time 😐

    fano: ill try to come 30 mins earlier

  51. Holla!
    Cheers :mrgreen:
    Oh, and please watch my new ‘ebay’ video, It’s funny!

  52. Did you see me? too bad I didn’t get to play sledding or find four

    fano: yea there were toomany people lol

  53. sorry i couldnt come 😦 i was totaly busy all day!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Holla!
    I waiting for you to finish find four so people actually PLAY me!

  55. How did you get in mammoth? Isn’t it always full for non-members except late at night?

    fano: l got lucky 😛



    fano: us like to move it!

  58. Fano I don’t like it how everyone wants to be ur friend only. They keep asking and ruin the party. Almost no ones in ur igloo anymore. I’m still there with the others.

    fano: thanks for being at the party , u can stay at my igloo if u want but im not there :mrgreen:

  59. Relax! He wasnt adding people at his igloo! We were just ahving fuN!!!

  60. thx for coming , for the ones in my igloo i will upload the video tomorrow
    till then Jungle boogie!

  61. D’oh! I was only at the first party. I thought the first party was good. On the second one it looked as if everything was crowded lol. I probably only got as many people at your first party to come to my party ages ago. Anyway it was cool!

  62. Hey its me Pukalicous! I made a vieo of your 2nd party! Here it is! Its very good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIDd3ARfvPs
    thx! visit my site! click my name

    fano: cool vid 5 stars 😛

  63. -crys- i missed the party again!!!

  64. Lol I saw your interview with soldier12 on youtube. TO THE BATMOBILE!

    ShOwInG ThE ToXiC SiDe Of LiFe!

  65. I was in the first! 🙂

  66. My cyclops is happy! O)

  67. Holla!
    I was there for a little bit!

  68. Hey Fano the party was AWESOME!!!!!!! It was the best hits party ever,
    P.S. Is there a way of letting my site being put on your blogroll? click on my name to view the site, and send a comment if you will

    fano: thanks for being at the party.
    if you want to be on my blogroll , i will look at how many people click on my site on ur blogroll
    when its alot everyday then i automaticly add u to mine

  69. dude TELL US when you’re having a party! I didn’t get to come because you never tell me!

    fano: just visit my page to find out when

  70. Yay my cyclops is way happy now! He found another cyclops! thanks emopleon O] and fano i saw that you played find four with a hacker. That hacker sucked. HE doesnt do it right. He’s just a newb. I think you and vital viper should play! thats going to be a great game 😀

    fano: yea that would be cool and crowded lol

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