rockhopper island sneak peek

this is how rockhopper island is going to look like.
its almost done but heres a preview.
recently added is the beach , with a new mini game
wich involves the wooden boat πŸ˜›

so far we have The Landlubber’s Cove
River Mountain
Ninja hide out – vulcano dojo
Shipwreck ( between rocks )
Jailhouse Rocks ( place where banned penguins go to )
minigames – Raft Racing
And a secret game at the beach


~ by fanocp on October 2, 2007.

26 Responses to “rockhopper island sneak peek”

  1. nice!

  2. cool!

  3. thats cool man

  4. Holla!
    OMG! OMG! Thank-you so much Fano, this is SO Cool! Is this going to be like a party?

  5. ? This isnt an official club penguin thing. Isnt it just so we can see your awesome idea? If it was real that would be cool. You could send it to CP and see what they say!

    fano: yea

  6. are you talkin about real banned penguins in cp or in your game???

  7. Um…hello fano. Don’t rake this wrong, but what have you done that makes you so popular? Wear a hat? Their are some people who really try but fail because their not “rare”.

    fano: dunno , l guess the hat helps alot but people like me more then other betas
    maybe lts just being nice xd
    bout others trying alot , club penguin is just bout having fun.
    if u wanna be rare but dont have the items u gotta do sth that makes u unique.
    but if u ask me , just play club penguin with real friends and enjoy , thats what its for

  8. is this real or your idea?

    fano: its my idea , i will send it to club penguin once its done

  9. Woah fano that is the coolest thing I have ever seen for CP!

  10. It looks so cool!
    Thats the best I ever saw!

  11. WOW
    i wish i was rare and artistic
    ps lol

    fano: thanks , lt takes alot of practise but if u want it
    u can make it too it just takes alot of time xd

  12. Great site fano! Is that like.. a game you are making or something? I never knew you owned a wordpress site! I just only found out like.. 3 minutes ago! lol, that’s a really good map. I think I’ll just have to add you to my blogroll. It’s too good for words..

    Anyway, keep it up dude! πŸ˜€

    P.S. Your map is like.. PRO level! It’s awesome!! And sorry that I used to ask to be your buddy, like once or twice, I guess, your name makes it stand out a lot. πŸ˜€ (That’s a good thing)

    Waddle3773 :mrgreen:

  13. I did something like this. I was so disapointed because I had done alot of work on it and then my computer shut down and we needed new memory on it. I was drawing a ninja hideout on paint and I thought it looked cool. 😦

    fano: yea , when u make good progress u need to save lt , just lncase or
    if u do something wrong u can just re open what u last saved.

  14. That looks awesome!

  15. the island is sweet great job fano

    fano: thanks πŸ˜€

  16. FANO ITS AWESOME ! hey i have a question will it be a game or something?
    and another question how do u write on pics u know like ur header u used water color or what ever

    fano: i will send it to club penguin and maybe they put some ideas of it in the game
    i use photoshop , white text multiply style and add some inner shadow

  17. wow! your art work inspires me! you have real talent fano!

    fano: thanks i apreciate that

  18. fano plz help me get more blog hits.

    fano: when rockhopper island is done , u can post the picture on ur site

  19. wait are you making rockhopper island if you are will it be a game or just a pic

    fano: i make the island but lts not guaranteed lt will be added in club penguin and to be playable.
    once lts made l send lt to cp and maybe they take some of the ideas.

  20. cool

  21. How do you go there?

    fano: u cant yet. i have to make it first and then send it to cp

  22. do u know that when i was playing in cp and i saw u with all this ppl around u and i thought who is that penguin cuz i never been in ur blog until now i think u have seen me in cp in mammoth im joshi15. lol

  23. Is it true that you get to Rockhopper Island the day before Rockhopper Leaves and you get on his ship?

    fano: no

  24. it couldnt be true!!!!!

  25. its been a year and you said it would be coming.

    fano: yea i stopt making the project.

  26. i hope its true

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