old beta party email

in case u wanted to see what beta was like , we got emails to get on time
also sled race was once a 2 player game :mrgreen:

~ by fanocp on September 29, 2007.

27 Responses to “old beta party email”

  1. nice!

  2. awesome!i remember back when CP was stil having betas, of course I had never heard of CP but if I had of, I would of been a beta too! 🙂

  3. dude can i be on your blogroll! Nice site!

  4. yo fano its me flamster! today you were beeing chased and crowded and you went like dont crowd me grr. you rock! plz visit my blog at http://www.flamster3000.wordpress.com and plz leave comments, also can you add me to your blogroll. and you sent me a post card saying that i was a terific friend because i was going like “ya fano!” and “you rock fano” or something lieke that and i was telling those penguins not tho crowd you. plz can webe buddys im a huge fan of you

    ~until then
    waddle on!

    p.s (YOU ROCK!!!!1) 🙂

  5. Holla!
    I love this! I absolutely love seeing what it was like during the beta testing days! Thank-you so much, That’s why I visit so often!

  6. Cool I saw those on the Club penguin whats new archive things

  7. E-MAIL ME seanmccave98@hotmail.com

  8. Awesome! I wish i was a beta, but im not lol. I never see you on Club Penguin anymore. Hope to see you soon.


  9. wanna be an admin on my wordpress?

  10. fano why dont you add me to your blogroll? plz?


    fano: sorry i dont get any hits from ur site directing to mine.
    if u want u can take me of urs.

  11. heeeeeeey fano, well go to my blog, i did a new post about my 5000 hits party so pls come ! , me and paper will be there and loads of ppl, so comment if u can come or not, add gooner7 to ur blogroll he is a great guy =)
    waddle on !


  13. hey fano do u have pics of the very first newspaper? if u do can post them? i wanna know what it was like

    fano: l dunno lf l do , gotta look for that , i do have an email of rsnail with his full name

  14. “fano: sorry i dont get any hits from ur site directing to mine.
    if u want u can take me of urs.”

    Thats ok i have had a big drop in hits recently mainly bcos my internet has been down but hopefully so not many people have been able to sorry lol.


  15. hi fano, it is kind of weird how they are just adding the iceberg tipping but word got out soo long ago. How did people know.

    fano: i think aunt arctic once told everyone in the newspaper

  16. fano u rock!!!! so much not only your a beta but u also have a site!ii have one tooo

  17. Monkeys fano Makeys!!!!!
    Gjmc784 was here!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Cool

  19. I saw you at dock today at mammoth!

  20. Oh Feraz(743) was telling me about those emails a few days ago, he’s a beta too, his peng name is 743

  21. cool

  22. gjmc why do u keeep talkin about monkeys

  23. HEY fano umm is hat header Penguin Chat 3? Because it looks strange Penguin Chat 3… and have YOU EVER been member? Anyway it would be cool 2 yrs without membership haha…

    fano: my wordpress header u mean? l drawn that in paint.
    i have been a member but just a little while

  24. 🙄 i cant even read it!!

  25. zoozoodeem: Click it.
    Fano: I saw those exact words back in the CP Blog archive. Do you have a picture of the beta party? I do! It looked realllly boring. Nothing like the parties now.

  26. yeah aunt arcic said in her column thingy that someday it might be possible to tip this part of ice. So everyone thought it would happen that week. I remember it (tiny bit)

  27. That’s awesome!!!

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