puffle paddle

trick to get infinite tickets at puffle paddle


~ by fanocp on September 26, 2007.

9 Responses to “puffle paddle”

  1. I get the most coins off of that game, but it gets VERY boring. I made it up to 2,000 somethin and I was playin for about 20 minutes.

  2. Holla!
    One of my friends, Giby01, got 1,400 something. I am Aguair, but for some reason I am logged into my friends PC. I am logging off now.

  3. i dont ike hackers. o and fano this really is Gjmc784 im just logged out cause i accidently did and i dont remember my pass. 😦

  4. u cheater lol jk im ganan try that lol.

  5. I tried doing that but it only goes for like 3 or 4 bounces and I was playing that game to get tickets but I played that puffle shufle game thingy and last time I got 1,000 tickets!!
    and if ur gonna play that game keep ur eye on the hat real good cause its really fast at that point

  6. fano y rent you on meebo lately? cause if u were id ask you to be in movie with me. DUMB MONKEYS!

    fano: sorry meebo lags my computer so im not online that much.
    i might make a request page so u can leave a message there.
    thanks for the offer but im video shy :$

  7. sure fano ill accept the offer, i wont say it on here because your fans will be begging about it also.

    meet me at the iceberg , australia server , brundi

  8. u know wat its startin to get borrin on club penguin u know

  9. I got 2,300 tickets on puffle paddle. NEW RECORD.

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