iceberg tip preview

i have less good news everyone , cp staff contacted me and told me to remove the picture.
its not supposed to be out yet so im sorry for everyone who missed it
but you’ll be able to tip the iceberg yourself when club penguin puts in this feature.
so untill then.


~ by fanocp on September 23, 2007.

18 Responses to “iceberg tip preview”

  1. seriusly? 😯

  2. hey dude I also like the avatar show but I don`t like the new season much cause it changed alot and its confusing and can u take funky jones off of ur ignore list I won`t ask to be buddys just chat.and add me to or blogroll


  4. Yep thats real see it has the ticket sign from the fall fair on it thats real all right!

  5. Awesome! Plz tell me how Club Penguin asked for you to help them test stuff because i want to help, leave a comment on my blog, thanks.


  6. Oh wow thats so cool!

  7. Holla!
    I love this site, it has BETA news! Get it, better!
    bu dum dum dish! lol


  8. 😦 Since your using photobucket for that image some really weird & annoying thing on my computer blocks the image! Nooooooooooo! Now I can’t post about it! 😥

  9. i think its a edit….. i could of made that edit! but who knows if it is then kool!


  10. aww dude thats awsome! i cant wait but what do u get if u tip it? message me back… thanks ~~D92~~

  11. cool

  12. cant wait

  13. edit. haha, you cant fool me! there arent any penguins on there and you cant see it tip unless the server resets. duh… -.-

  14. That image is a fake. Club Penguin © will surely put any news of future occurances in the Club Penguin Newspaper or in the Blog.

  15. hey fano! umm even though beta testing is done they still have the betas taest new stuff? and is that on ur account?

  16. Umm. This is real. My friend on the miniclip forums even asked cp in email about it. They said it was real. I can even email. Its like when people tell others that the paddle is coming soon and no one belives it. XD


  18. omg ive always wanted to tip the iceburg

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