700 days old party

monday my penguin will be 700 days old.
party in mammoth was alot of fun
sorry if u couldnt make it
but u can find me at the dock at club penguin
heres a picture of me aguair and others
thanks for coming everyone


~ by fanocp on September 23, 2007.

75 Responses to “700 days old party”

  1. is is penguin standerd time?

  2. yea its 5.30 and 6.30 pm on the clock tower in club penguin

  3. For me:
    5:30PST – 8:30PM my time
    6:30PST – 9:30PM my time
    Problem: i hjave to go to bed at 9:30. so i wont be able to make it to the second one. hey think i can be ur buddy?

  4. i changed the times to 5 and 6 pm so u can still make it
    to the second party 🙂
    please read my info on the right side
    ask for buddie requests in club penguin only
    see u at the party

  5. fano, i got a question, i really want to add you, im Mastermrz. i was in your videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTxoBDxiGg8
    Now my account is banned forever so i will be on Dallas39.

    fano: No buddie requests on my page , please read the info

  6. o sorry fano i read that before but i must of mis read it. (beleive me that happens to me ALL the time). and thanks! at least ill be there for a hlaf hour! (YAY)

  7. I will be there fano!

  8. Fano, are you accepting buddys there?

  9. Wow I was looking for your wordpress al over! Can you add me to your blogroll?
    Also I was there and I saw everyone was trying to ban you 😦 their just jealous because your tooooooo cool. I emailed cp and told them the reports on you are nothing. Well see you later.



  11. hi,
    its alex briddon,
    check out my site and can you please add me to your bogroll,
    ive seen you round club penguin a lot.
    see you around.


  12. I cant make it. 5pm is 1am in my time & 6pm is 2am. Can you do the one in Frozen later so that all the ppl in Europe can make it, then 5 or 6 for Mammoth so all the Americans can make it?

  13. thats a good idea
    what time for the frozen party u suggest?

  14. Holla!
    I am from Scotland, the same time as legoless! I suggest 12pm P.S.T because that is 8pm here, that is quite a good time! Your really 700, wow!

  15. Holla!
    You have 1,001 hits now! lol

  16. Holla!
    I will add you to my blogroll if you add me to mine, please! My site is http://www.aguair.wordpress.com! Thanks,

  17. Holla!
    I am going to miss your Mammoth party due to tennis! Can you make it at 11am P.S.T? I will promise to come, if not I guess it’s ok! Just make your party longer than 1 and 1/2 hours, lol!

    i dont think its gonna be much of a party lol
    but we can meet some other day :mrgreen:

  18. hey fano wasup i am mohd, well i gotta say i am scared i am gonna miss this party too i miss alot of party =( its so late its 8 am on my time and i got to school lol, so what i got to say is have fun and i hope u will enjoy the party i wish i can be there but i cant, maybe ill come for 3 minutes then ill log off so i get to see you so waddle on=)
    mohd 222
    mohd & papercuter!

  19. Holla!
    I did not say “I dont think its gonna be much of a party lol but we can meet some other day :mrgreen:
    Was that you Fano, because there was no “Fano’s Comment” thing, lol!
    We can meet if you get to mammoth dock quickly, lol!

  20. yea sorry , i replie by editing ur posts lol
    sure see u at the dock 😛

  21. Holla!
    That was quick! lol

    Why are we waving? lol

    Cya after the party

  22. Holla!
    Did I miss the party?

  23. nop , party starts in 7 hours lol
    u guys wanna make it earlier?

  24. Holla!
    7 hours! That will be 4am for me!
    Please make it earlier!

    party will be in 45 mins lol

  25. Holla!
    Also, If you add me to your blogroll i’ll add you to mine! Please! MY site is http://www.aguair.wordpress.com

    fano: i will add u if u add me too xd :mrgreen:

  26. Holla!
    Thanks for the blogroll! Thanks for the party change! Can I make a suggetsion? So an editor’s comment like this;

    [Random person saying random comment]
    Fano’s comment;
    [Fano replieng to random comment]



  27. Holla!
    I have added you now!

  28. Holla!
    I am beside you!
    I comment too much~

  29. Holla!
    The party is ok!

  30. fano, im there, i am sad and your smiling for it… why?

  31. holy monkeys did the party happen already?!?!?!?!? this is why you should make it on saturday! (not sunday cause too many people have church and that like me)

  32. Holla!
    Thanks for coming to my igloo, too bad we couldn’t be buddies! I look forward to seeing you on Cp in the futre!

  33. OMG that sucks! I cant make it cuz its too late!

  34. Wait… 9 am? Yay! O wait, I have school. 😦 That sucks so hard it blows!

  35. aww man! it was on mammoth… i though it was on frozen i spent a while looking for the party… DOH’… hey can we meet on cp? im on frozen right now… thanks ~~D92~~

  36. i cant make that thats noon my time so ill be at school. o well.

  37. aguir can i meet u on CP some time?

  38. i saw both u an aguiar on the iceberg on mammoth lol

  39. fano you are the most famous and popular beta i know of… i was wondering if u could add my site to your blogroll… thnx a lot!

    Tylanator99’s Blog



  40. Aww man i missed the first party, but im coming to the second one =)

  41. fanocp it wasnt even 6:00 and u started the party why u keep putting it early man??? for the second one be sure its at 9:00 am

  42. Lol Fano. Soldier12 and Gesert1 are my best friends on the internet and I kinda know gjmc. I say this because they are on your blogroll lol. Cant wait for the party. I wish I was on your blogroll… I will add you to mine: wweadam.wordpress.com

  43. hey

  44. could you visit my blog and check it out if you like it could you add it to your blogroll its http://www.sunnydayboys.wordpress.com or just click my name

  45. man I dont understand. wasn’t your party at 5:00 pm cp time? that is 8:00 here and I went but I didn’t see you. what is wrong, maybe my timing. sorry I didn’t forget i tried to come, and i wanted to. 😦

  46. hmmm fano ill miss the other time too 9 am is 12 am and i am at school =(, so have fun!
    waddle on=)
    mohd 222

  47. hey im kornareso and i would like to meet you sometime and i was wondering if u could put my site on your blogroll and i will put your site on my blogroll if you put my site on your blogroll just reply on my site and i will put on yours.



  49. fano please just when u c a penguin called funky jones take them off ur ignore lst cause thats me (I got banned for hacking but I don`t hack anymore)

  50. Hi fano! Could you plese add me to your blogroll? You don’t have to. I wish yo did lol.

    Have a cool day!


  51. Cool!I turned 300 yesterday.

  52. Cool. I am turning 700 days old today. My penguins name is Dark Angel and Cabluey. Come to my site fano. My site is http://www.cabluey.wordpress.com. Maybe we could meet and become freinds fano. Post a comment if you wanna meet me fano. i am usually in frozen.

  53. fano can you add me to ur blogrol plz..
    here is my site

  54. Aww man I didnt know you changed that time.

  55. sorry if the times got changed.
    many couldnt make it at 6 pm , so i had it earlier.
    today the party is at the iceberg at 9 am
    if u cant make it , i just see u around cp
    and we start a party there 😛
    thanks for coming everyone
    woo ^^

  56. Holla!
    If it’s at 9am P.S.T I can make it! Wait, it is 9am! Where are you? I am on Frozen!

  57. i left after 30 mins lol , no one showed up :mrgreen:

  58. fano i’ve seen u like a zillion times on club penguin ur kewlio!!

    go to http://www.zoozoodeem.wordpress.com

  59. Holla!
    I will be at mammoth dock if you wanna “Monkey” around again! :mrgreen I am really bad at jokes, huh!

  60. Ok fano, ill add u to my blogrol if u add me to yours.

  61. if anyone wants me to add them to my blogroll
    u have to add me first. no exception.
    second , once u added me and ur site looks good with lots of views
    i will put u on my blogroll for trial.
    if many hits get directed from ur site to mine
    u can stay , if not then im sorry i cant let u stay on my blogroll.
    sorry for the strict rules but a large blogroll looks bad

  62. Holla!
    Is my site bringing in the hits?

    P.S. Still at Mammoth Dock!

  63. Holla!
    Yay! I am part of “Me, Aguair and others!”

    P.S. Still at Mammoth Dock, lol!

    fano: yea ur my most directin blogger lol

  64. yo fano. How is it going. Can u add my site to ur blogroll
    ur awesome fano


  65. fano ill be there check my site u rock http://pezster.wordpress.com

  66. Hola!!(srry airgutair for coping hola but its just so cool to say it!!) hey fano i missed ur party i was in the town but the dock wuz full!! can you meet me at….Mammoth,USA October,1st 4:00 pst time (sharp) and at the house on the map called FERALIGATR20 i will b there!(

    fano: party was at the iceberg , and im sorry but i cant make it to single persons requests.
    u can find me mostly at dock when im not having a party in club penguin

  67. Fano can you talk to me somtimes by email because its sorta hard on cp because everyone saids they want to be your buddy. johnstamaria@tmail.com

    fano: i dont aint aim , lf can use meebo if im on or just leave a message here xd

  68. fano I added you on my site so will a add me?
    Have a cool/ kewl day!


  69. Holla!
    Cool I actually saw you again! I so wan’t that lolly!

  70. Ag just buy all the items and then pull the string and tadaah! lol

  71. whens the next 1? i would rly like to meet ya

    fano: just go to mammoth or frozen
    normaly lm at the dock but cuz of the fair im at the iceberg
    for the next party just keep visiting my page

  72. were are u ganan make the vid though

  73. I wanna meet you too!

  74. Hey, my penguin Snowball is 700 2!

  75. Srry I couldnt make it!

    fano: thats cool , theres plenty more partys coming

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