fano’s logo

this is my personal club penguin logo.
you can add this on to your site so when people click on it , they get to my page.
its like a fancy blogroll 😛
you can find them in my banners page

~ by fanocp on September 21, 2007.

21 Responses to “fano’s logo”

  1. hey fano i can make u an animation header or some other animations plz go to comment on that page or email me plz plz plz

  2. oh try just paste link if no then i dunno i cant help u that only that u make me an admin on ur site for 10 minutes then i will try to post it i know that u will not

  3. sweet!, fano fano fano pls pls be my buddy i really wanna be ur friend ur so kind, and i am dying to add u lol =) pls!

  4. hey fano go on your messenger right now

  5. hey fano wanna be buds? cool site!!can u put me on blogroll?
    im at

  6. Hey fano can I help with your website my own website is i would love love to help your website and stuff! So plese email me at if you accept or delince

  7. fano is awesome

  8. fano u rockcan u ad me to your blogroll

  9. Hey whats up fano you used be my buddy but u took me off can u plz add me again

  10. yo fano! could you add me to your blogroll? thanxs. the links k! 😀


  11. hi, add me to you blogroll plz, its:

    check it out!


  12. hey fano add me to ur buddy list again plz ur awesome! and check out my site it’s

  13. Holla!
    Cool, I like your site. Are you just a beginner to Club Penguin? lol, of course not, your a beta 😆 Are you new to blogging? I would like to help! My site is

  14. hi all , its great to see you all like my site
    and thank you for ur offer to help
    however i like to make my site alone and only need some tips instead of help

    if u want me to add you on my blogroll , u will need to add me on urs aswel
    i will look if your blog looks good and has lots of viewers
    other way of getting on my blogroll is if ur my friend

    please know that this is not the place to ask for buddie requests
    thanks for visiting my page
    if u have a comment of a suggestion please feel free to tell

  15. Fano can you add me to your blog roll its Misam my website is I ADDED YOU SO YOU ADD ME

  16. Cool lol i saw all ur vids there awesome:)


  17. yeah i added your site to my blogroll 😉

  18. i’ve seen you on cp! your really cool and its so cool your a beta!

  19. i will put you on my blogroll once i get around to it.

  20. Holla!
    My site has quite a lot of hits! I’ll give you some tips, just name some, you can copy some cheats, or funny pics.

  21. hi i just want ppl to go on my site it is and it is a awsome site just like this site and plz go on it thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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