Rockhopper’s Island

Hi all , this is my first blog post.
Im fano on club penguin , beta tester and usualy in frozen or mammoth.
This is the Rockhopper’s island.
Its not done yet but heres a preview

note: rockhopper island is created by me on paint.
its not gonna be added to club penguin , however
i will send it to them once its done and it may be put in the game
if they like the idea.

so far we got :
Landlubbers Cove
River Mountain
Ninja hide out – Vulcano dojo
and The Lighthouse

~ by fanocp on September 1, 2007.

25 Responses to “Rockhopper’s Island”

  1. Is this going to be on Club Penguin!?

  2. Fano, im mikeambrose3, as you saw me in cp, im Richpengi957. Plz comment on my blog at


  3. Cool.

  4. wow nice!

  5. o, & fano, check your email. ive sent u a link to your page. you can make your page now because i changed the author (legoless) to you (fanocp).

  6. Hey fano its cirt!
    idk if u remember me but i was also the penguin fan of fano!
    my website is comment there and telll me what you think

  7. hi fano!

  8. Hola!

    Heyy fano i met you on mammoth! =]

    >>Fylliper =]

  9. ym..I was just wondering HOW exactly do you know Rockhoppers Island

  10. I find that hard to believe that, but you are a Beta Tester!

  11. wat language are u fano u seem foreign

  12. Ive made a fake picture of landlubbers cove. u can see it if u like.

  13. hey fano. I have a picture of you. You rock. Please be an admin on my site.

  14. im an admin on tahookys site and hes admin on mine also when is rockhopper island coming to CP

  15. hey legoless, whats the fake picture of landlubbers cove url?

  16. ive seen you alot YOU WONT BE MY BUDDY! WHY WHY WHY! 👿

  17. cool fano, great first post keep up the good work dude =)
    mohd 222
    mohd & papercuter!

  18. 😦 CRY
    You are SO lucky that you found out about
    Club Penguin during Beta 😦
    I want to be a beta and have cool clothes and be famous
    but I can’t , I started in August 2006 😦

  19. COOL WOW

  20. Does it cost money to get hypercam and make vidz?

    fano: i think u can download a free version for free

  21. fano it’s sparkels9571 remember me?? Merry Christmas fano! And happy new year.

    (if the world lasts that long lol)

  22. i only started August twelth 2006 and then my first penguin named Sparky9751 got banned a week later. But that’s when i made sparkels9571!

  23. do u have a youtube account?
    mine is kornhead6555

    fano: my utube account is clubpenguindisney.

  24. where is rockhopper!!!!!!!!!

  25. Nice site.Ur rockhopper island gave me an idea to make one myself.

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